How the BBC should practice Responsive Web Design


FACT: design as a service and responsive web design are incompatible. This is an open letter to Ralph Rivera, the head of BBC FM, explaining how we should change the relationship between developer and designer. This blog post is massively inspired by (and in some places copy’n’pasted from) Trent Walton’s excellent blog post which finally placed into words how I’ve always felt but was unable to externalise. Thank you Trent :-) and sorry for copying you so blatantly.

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Basecamp — When there is a form field error, the character on the left makes a surprising facial expression. 

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Loving this firm field validation ;-)


UX Week 2011 | Jon Wiley | Whoa, Google Has Designers! from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Google is in the midst of the largest redesign in its history, with more changes to come. Many have wondered who let the designers out of their cage at Google and set them on the path of making Google’s products more focused, effortless, and elastic. You’ll be surprised at the answer.

"We can divide well-done design projects into a discovery phase… an exploration phase… and a refinement phase"

Jared Spool, ‘Shifting to Disposable Personas’, 21 May 2013

We can divide well-done design projects into a discovery phase (where we explore the boundaries of the problem we’re trying to solve), an exploration phase (where we toy with different possible solutions), and a refinement phase (where we choose a direction and fill out the details). Not everyone does design projects well, but the folks who do end up following these three phases. The ones who don’t, well, they skip one or more of these stages then regret it later.

Or, as Leisa would say, “trust the process”. You won’t have all the answers at the beginning. But if you trust the process, you’ll get to them in the end.

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Isn’t this what proto personas and Lean UX is all about?


Response-ish Web Design


Two BBC News codebases are not better than one. But until the responsive site is finished the desktop site can’t be retired. Read on to find out how Responsive Web Design is being used to keep both sites up to date.

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Very open and poignant article by Aza Raskin about his experience founding Massive Health. I have been considering a similar path lately, and hearing down-to-earth recounts like this is really eye-opening.

His thoughts echo those of many a design manager I’ve no doubt. Thank for sharing.



The Neon Boneyard

I was recently sent this article, written by Josh Smith for IDSGN. He describes this typography oasis, out in the dessert near Las Vegas. It looks stunning.

There are over 150 signs, some dating back to the 1930s, from the original Moulin Rouge to Liberace’s signature.

There’s some great photos. Take a look.

Discovered this through Flipboard app on iPad. Wonderful piece of type design history.

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